Author: sevikay

family that crafts together….

well, hello hot sticky sunny lovely weekend! finishing DIY Ikea bookshelves w the help of the awesomest kid I know! any weekend crafters out there?

what’s sweeter than cow’s milk?

  any guesses? well, it’s sweet nuf for my 5 year old cow’s milk convert. tested out coconut milk + Ayla loved it. more on that later.

my first DIY granola.

it’s delicious w/ coconut milk yogurt + chia seeds + soaked flaxseeds + cacao nibs. I made 2 lbs and hubster + bean finished most of it in a day. I’m told I may have a future as a granola maker.  

unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar aka ACV ::

your bestie in the kitchen + bathroom. soak your veggies + fruits before juicing, clean your countertops, bathroom, windows + makes a wicked hair rinse to balance the pH and add shine to your locks. oh yes, you can use it as a facial toner as well, no need to pay $30 for vinegar based […]

speaking someone’s food language

getting family involved in clean eating will mean, speaking their food language. hubster sees beer mug, rest is a healthy history. now off to make an Aylabean smoothie w kale! huzzah to mother power! #veggies #smoothies #cleaneating #juicing #family #motherhood #holistic #fit #foodie #fitness #ecovegan #vegansofig #veganpower #veganlife