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be like ginger, a hot fragrant fighter!

be like ginger, a hot fragrant fighter! Zingiber officinale = medicine + spice of life. good for digestive tract, works as an antibacterial, fever reducer and a painkiller. yup, it’s a fighter alright! 2 tbs ginger root 2 strawberries 1 celery 1 cup of collard greens whole peeled lime 1/4 cup of  blueberries 1/2 tbs […]

rice protein pancakes

rice protein + golden flaxseeds, chia seeds, tucked in my 5 yr olds morning power pancakes. will be whipping my homemade oat milk (perfectly gooey for the job) + raw almond milk. spreading a little vegan chocolate pudding in the middle. slicing some bananas on top of it + laying a second layer + garnishing the tippy top w/ fresh raspberries. sprinkling a tad of raw cocoa powder. oh yeah! thank you power pancakes, for allowing me to be able to offer clean homemade breakfast without fuss muss + seeing an unhappy Ayla(bean). i love ya! #veggies #veganlife #breakfast #motherhood #protein #vegansofig #kids #ecovegan #cleaneating

strawberry ginger makes any smoothie yummy!

strawberry ginger parsley rice protein smoothie w soaked golden flax seeds + cacao nibs. delicious way of welcoming the night. #smoothies #veggies #juicing #veganlife #organic #locallygrown #veganpower #vegansofig #over45

Asparagus meets Collard greens smoothie – good for your liver!

Asparagus meets Collard Greens Smoothie: 2-5 asparagus 1 leaf collard greens peeled whole kiwi 1 tbs fresh ginger 2 celery stalks 1/2 tbs cacao nibs, 1 cup of water, 2-4 ice cubes. 158 calories, loaded with vitamins (A, C,K). did I mention Asparagus is your liver’s ally? It’s one of the perfect liver detox medicine. […]

sunshine pancakes

today, find your sunshine + stay close to her/him. love without judgments + expectations = sunshine ppl :: sunshine pancakes w rice flour/buckwheat flour, chocolate chips, flaxseeds, cinnamon, chia seeds, rice protein + love! #foodie #motherhood #veganlife #veganpower #veggies #vegansofig #love #breakfast

make your H2O fun to drink

our cells contain 70-75 % water. so does our brain, hence proper hydration is a must, especially if you are juicing. make your H2O fun to drink: add ginger root + fresh lemon juice lime juice 5-6 chopped strawberries slices of cucumbers chopped cantaloup get creative + support your vital organs. 1.5 liter is my […]

here is to a zingy week with ginger

well hello Monday! here’s to a zingy week: 2 carrots (unpealed) 1 tbs ginger baby cucumber (unpealed) whole lime (pealed) strawberry/grape cubes (*) or 4 strawberries + 4 grapes 2-4 sprigs of fresh watercress 2 cups of water or 1 cup of water + 1 cup of ice cubes enjoy. i make smoothies for Ayla and […]

chemistry of soaking nuts, grains and seeds. looking beyond organic.

i remember rinsing, soaking rice + beans before cooking them when i was a youngen in Turkey.  somehow, i filed this process as a frivolous “to do” when i moved out of Turkey, but after learning how to make my own nut milks, grain milks, i ran into the chemistry of soaking grains. soaking is […]

Our grapes, hand picked by my favorite little person –

Our grapes, hand picked by my favorite little person – hubster helps getting em ready for my adrenaline recovery smoothie. #adrenalinefatigue #juicing #smoothies #greensmoothies #vegan #homegrown #ecovegan #veganlife #vegansoffig #veganpower

Aaa aaa acorn squash, why are you so good to me?

Aaa aaa acorn squash, why are you so good to me? Steam, spoon out, mix w 2 heads of garlic, sprinkle fresh peppercorn, add olive oil and yourself. Enjoy 😀 And the seeds are full of nutrition, a smoothie w them + ginger + spinach packs a delicious punch! #veganlife #vegansofig #veggiemom #veganpower #ecovegan #healthy #lowcal #foodie #juicing #homemade