If passion describes a "strong and barely controllable emotion", then this intricately designed plant ally bears some resemblance, albeit with a gentler disposition. It's free flowing, resilient, strong, beautiful, flowering, twisty, healing, grounding and did I say beautiful already? I have made the most soul soothing tonics with it for anxiety and sleepless nights, as well as skin nourishing elixirs. Though none of these  hand crafted potions match the healing powers (healthy) love can deliver, adding a wee bit of these plant based goodness into your internal and external diet can take things up a notch or two.I find plants, like dogs (frankly all animals) to be free from emotional baggage and unnecessary clutter that comes with being a human, hence a touch from one, sinks deeply into my soft and raw core. This is why we call it plant magic folks. May we all find passion, love, peace, inner balance, healing and a good herbalist who can brew a tonic or two filled with plant magic!