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what’s sweeter than cow’s milk?

  any guesses? well, it’s sweet nuf for my 5 year old cow’s milk convert. tested out coconut milk + Ayla loved it. more on that later.

make your H2O fun to drink

our cells contain 70-75 % water. so does our brain, hence proper hydration is a must, especially if you are juicing. make your H2O fun to drink: add ginger root + fresh lemon juice lime juice 5-6 chopped strawberries slices of cucumbers chopped cantaloup get creative + support your vital organs. 1.5 liter is my […]

1 L lime water + 1.5 L green power

1 L lime water + 1.5 L green power (w apple + lime) ready to pounce on the day….and onto anything resembling a mad spinning headache. #juicing #ecovegan #veganlife #vegansofig #veganpower