ayla pancakemy 5 year old has a very sensitive palate + it is nearly impossible sneaking things by her. granted, i can be like my mother + punish her by making her sit at the table until she has finished her meal.  but where is the fun in that?

i am aware that i am raising myself while trying to guide my 5 year old, so i rather pick my battles + fighting over food is not one of them.

trying to teach her about benefits of foods and how her little body works has worked well for us both. i learn, she learns, we laugh, cook + try new things together.

i shout fafa in the mornings and no, i won’t video blog the moment for you! fafa is my way of saying “flaxseeds are freaking awesome”.

i use Now Real Food’s Organic Golden Flax Seeds, they are not bitter-ish or too nutty and make hiding these nutrition packed little seeds in pancakes and smoothies a breeze.

my fafa moment incapsulates:

1. my Aylabean does not notice them
2. works as an egg substitute
3. 1 tbs packs:
2000 mg omega-3
600 mg omega-6
725 mg omega-9
2 grams of protein
7% iron
16% dietary fiber

i use 2 tbs in pancakes, 1 tbs in her smoothies.

got a favorite pancake recipe, go ahead + share.