In the late 90s creating a venue where I could sell my handmade canine products was merely a daydream. 

I guess it was that “you can do anything!” look my ultra awesome canine Mundo gave me that made me think I could even start a business.

So we did, Mundo + I — working together, shoulder to shoulder.

Years flew by and I “matured”. Now when I look back, I can see how lucky I was to be the guardian of such a life loving, life teaching animal.

Everything I know today about herbs, aromatherapy, raw materials, cosmetic formulations, nutrition, holistic life style is because Mundo has lead me on this path — and what an awesome path it is.


My autoimmune disorders started in 1998, but it was many moons later that I was able to connect all the dots. 

Today I am obsessive about what we consume and use, as they affect our immunity as a whole. Whole foods, locally sourced fruits and vegetables purchased from indie companies with eco conscious footprints, gluten free, soy free and a vegan life style. Do no harm, to ourselves, others and our planet.

All the products I hand-craft are based on this philosophy, hence I hand pick cruelty free ingredients that are as whole and minimally tinkered with as possible. I cannot tolerate gluten and soy, therefore our products are soy and gluten free.

What started as a quest to help my dog’s illness, carried me onto a world full of herbal magic and I get to wake up each day and create what I love the most, products filled with love, compassion and honesty.


Sevi Kay